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Why is it when you're on a road trip, the second you start heading towards home as opposed to away from it, something inside you changes?
It does for me anyway. It's like the trip is over. It a very unfortunate feeling but I fought it the best I could.
I tried to spend some time in Old Quebec City, which is why I went there but the traffic and heat changed my mind for me.

Off to the 132 and Riviere-du-Loup.

I wanted to do the Gaspe Peninsula again but was running low on cash.
So on toward Grand Falls I went. In Reviere Du loup there is an awesome motorcycle museum that I finally made time to see.
WELL worth the 8 bux.

Please excuse me while I post many pictures,

And my favourite one,

Get at me wolf,

On the way to Grand Falls NB you will see this place. It's an art gallery, or should I say "art" gallery.

They have painted the building pink and have thrown ranges and sinks and other crap into the pond.

I guess I don't get "art"

I had to make a detour off the 132 but did get to see this,

I thought it was cool,

And then I see this,

The weather was awesome with sun and HUGE rain clouds in the distance, or at least that's what I thought.
It came down hard for about an hour but I was quite dry in my new raincoat.

I LOVE NB for many reasons but this is one,

I stopped for a coffee and muffin.
What I said was "Le grande cafe, avec deux creme et deux sucre and une muffin", pointing to the muffin.
This is what I got,

I guess I need to work on my Francais. Tabernaque!

I would ride into and out of rain for the rest of the day but I didn't care.

Another covered bridge. This one is the longest one I've seen,

I stopped at a family campground in Woodstock. Looks nice right?


And to top things off, I had broken my camp spork so I had to go all MacGyver on my cigar tube.

Mr. Noodle and tuna never tasted so good.
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