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We hop on the bikes and start riding early quickly finding more obscure routes well off the beaten path.

We were climbing up into the Rattlesnake Hills I believe, northwest of Pathfinder Reservoir.

There is almost as much cattle fencing in Wyoming as there are two tracks.

We were loving the views from up here.

When I come across stuff like this, I always wonder what the story was as to how it wound up out there.

Back down into the basin for some high speed buttery two tracks!

We were hitting a number of easy creek crossings. No recent heavy rains but we knew there were going to be a couple of bigger rivers to fjord ahead. We were looking forward to it.

Just gorgeous territory!!

Oops!! I ran out of gas. This didnít seem right as I rarely run out of fuel. That ainít Budweiser Iím dumping in there by the way.

I started off my journey from Michigan knowing I had a weak battery that was on itís last legs. I just wasnít able to replace it before heading out. So, I ran it dead trying to get the bike started again. Another downfall of the Super Enduro is it doesnít have a kick starter. We towed the bike to bump start it.
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