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Originally Posted by itsatdm View Post
Here are the issues. The 3rd week end of October (19/26) would be best for the Fall Colors. According to the Stanislaus National Forest they will be closing the Campgrounds on 10/12. Closing means the gates or if they don't have one, turning off the water and locking the bathrooms.

I am pretty sure the Inyo National forest that covers 108 to past Lee Vining do the same. I was in one last year and It closed 10-9.

Ditto Yosemite.

I am trying to find something near a town and not at high altitude, it gets cold. Not everyone wants to roughs it.

There are some unimproved campgrounds, some on unimproved roads. Not every one is comfortable with that.

I know of 3 on 108 that you can get access too, but unless Kennedy Meadows is still fully open, it is a long way to breakfast.

If some one knows of a site that meets the criteria speak up, we will go there.

I like Grover Hot Springs and really don't mind paying the hefty camping fee, we can always split them. I don't like the 2 vehicles per site that forces us to purchase more of them. Big Trees is rather forgiving of that. I wonder what they would say if brought a trailer and everyone parked on that.

Sometime in the next month I plan to check with Kennedy Meadows for a closing date and see what Grover Hot Springs has to say. They have limited camping at Benton Hot Springs. Anyone camped there?

Personally I won't spend money at places that have stupid rules or people that look after them. The "2 vehicle" thing is nothing more than a desperate grab for money and... ok, enough of that.

Gary, from what I've seen most of the folks that attend this thing are capable of taking care of their own food needs and don't really need restaurants near by to rely on. Pick a spot that works for the name of this shindig and run with it. They who will, will come.

That said, it doesn't look good for me getting a way to anywhere for the rest of the year.

So ya all have fun.

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