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So in that game I posted yesterday, 2687 damage in a Wolverine, I learned some things by watching the replay a couple of times:

What I learned:
1. I need to get to the engagement earlier. By the time I really started dealing damage, it was 7-1 my team was down.
2. I need to let the enemy tanks get out of cover farther before shooting them. With the Wolverine's reload, I could've knocked out that Panzer IV twice if I had let it come out of cover farther before beginning to plink away. As it was, it took me a few minutes to get it out of the game.
3. I need to stay below the crest of the hill better. I could've easily been spotted and shot when moving across the crest of that hill when it would've been much more sane to drop below the bush, turn to the right, and drive instead.
4. It pays to not get shot. It is mentally much more calm for me. Watching the WGLNA finals, tankers kept talking about calming down, finding their grove, and just getting the job done without stress or over-reaction. For me, not getting shot helps this. I need to learn to do this while getting shot.

Thanks, Janeuner, for turning me on to Bandicam. Higher quality than camstudio and easy to use.

Today, however, I started the day with a five kill round in my T40 -- which is a really incredible little tier 4 tank, one of my long-time keepers: great hull down due to the high placement of the gun, the T49's gun with great traverse at tier 4, 400m view range at tier 4, and astounding gun ascension and great depression too. Plus, it's based on the Lee's chassis. Then I moved on to the Wolverine for my second round and had this:

Another five kill round! Yay! Ten kills in two rounds. You may notice that this time I took damage -- as opposed to yesterday's round of 51 more damage -- but that was from me being boneheaded and catching sweet air off a sick jump. I'll post a replay later after I watch it a few times to learn what I can.

If anybody wants, I am always open to critiques. There's a video above.

TL;DR: Buy a Wolverine.

EDIT: And the next round was 956 damage and four kills in the T40. Jeez! It feels like clubbing baby seals this morning on the West server.

EDIT 2: HAHAHAHA. Next round was 6 kills and 2100 damage in the Wolverine. 4 rounds, 20 kills.
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