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Donna Gray
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Good luck to all those other competitors.It is a shame after all the build-up to have to re-arrange on the eve of an event, which happened to several of us in 2007 after the cancellation of Libya Rally.[/QUOTE]

Yes I second that.. thank you John.

It is indeed a really shame the sponsors dropped out of the event last minute. I hope they realize the loss of money and disappointment they have left people with. Some people saved and trained for 12 months or more for this event. And For many people an event like this are a 'once in a life' time gig.. It's a real shame for them.

Not forgetting the work the organisation have put in. They are all lovely lovely people and i feel very disappointing and sorry for them.

Lesson learnt that if you are offered sponsorship get the monies first. Maybe the event should be less of the nice 5 star hotels and more of a typical Rally bivouac style, Making it cheaper too? Any thoughts people??
Donna Gray.
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