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Western NC Tag-O-Rama!

Forgive me if this already exists but I couldn't find it, if it does. If this overlaps or interferes with any other tag game, it can be revised or taken down.

I'm adopting the Upstate SC tag game rules of six hours for the new tag. I've seen on busy weekends, multiple tags per day. To me, thats fun!

Now for the boundaries.

Split the state at Interstate 77, and everything west of that within North Carolina's state lines.

1) Six hour time limit to post a new tag, this means from the time you post up your grab, to the time you post up your tag. If you fail to post up a new tag, then you forfeit your grab. (There is a little leeway on this, just don't post it the next day. Lets keep it moving)

2) File photos can only be used to make a new tag, you cannot use a file photo for a grab.

3) You should try as hard as possible to make your tag photo match the original, this means try to put your bike where their bike was.

4) Hard to find tags are fun, but lets keep them within reason. Nobody wants to spend an hour or two on the Internet trying to figure out your tag. Post additional clues if others find it necessary.

5) The first to post the picture to this thread, gets the grab. It doesn't matter who got to the tag first.

6) A working link to a picture is fine for a short time. It's sometimes hard to post a picture in a thread from a smartphone. (believe me, I've tried) If you post up a link to a working picture, then it counts. Please remember when you get back home, edit your post to show the picture, not just a link.

These rules are obviously completely original, and have nothing in common with the Upstate SC game rules.

Lets see if we can get a fun game going here. If anyone has any suggestions or comments, post them up.

Oh, and you Upstaters are always welcome up here in NC.
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