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Originally Posted by ridemtra View Post
Ok all you experienced BRT riders I have the gps files and the time to do the full route Need your advice on what to avoid on a Ktm 990 loaded with camping gear I am an experienced rider but not too proud to avoid sections where this bike is just not practical Thanks
Uh, I'll take a stab at this....

Based on the half of the trail that I've ridden (southern half), error cooled does a good job in his distro email giving a heads up on potentially difficult sections. The problem we had was that while we were out on the trail, we didn't know when we were getting to those sections. Next time, we'll pay attention ahead of time, and change the color of those tracks, or turn them off or something, so that we'll know we're about to get to one, and can decide whether we feel like tackling it or not. The tracks he cautions about (from south to north) are:
  • Iron Mtn Trail S 301 (single track out of damascus. I would say skip this on a 990 adventure, but its been done on a 1200gs, so I guess either be good or have a small bike. Have decent knobbies either way.)
  • Carnot FDR205 (the trail up the east end of big walker mountain. rocky and overgrown. )
  • (I would also add Hogback Mountain FDR640. I expect conditions on this track vary quite a bit. If it has rained recently, the mud is serious.)
  • Bailey Gap 177.4 (mud and rocks)
Those are the ones I've ridden. Iron mtn is one I would seriously consider skipping on the 990. Skip the others if its late/you are tired/ weather is bad/short on time, etc.

others he mentions I haven't ridden yet:
  • Shoe Creek FDR263
  • Vepco FDR240
  • Peters Mill Run FDR1702
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