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[QUOTE=kta;22174706]Hey All - It's been a while since I've been in here, good to be back

My XR is still kicking strong and is in use almost daily. It's been 300 hours since I put in piston rings and lapped the valves, and the bike hasn't missed a beat since. It starts and runs flawlessly, and the valves haven't needed a single adjustment!

Anyway... I have a variety of issues, but 2 are important.

1. The rear brake pivot point has developed play, which makes the brake harder to actuate. The frame and pin both have some wear and I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about it. Maybe cut off the tab, fab a new one and weld it on? Maybe there's a modern style rear brake pedal with a a bearing that can be retrofit? Have any of you remedied this?

I would install a bronze bushing in a machine shop, restriffiting a bearing would mean youd take too juch material off, plus the bushing can be easily pressed in and off to replace

you could also sleeve the brake pin...either way works...however the pressed in bushing in the frame makes for a better solution

I had to do this for a worn swingarm hole on my frame
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