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Aw, man. The comments!
okay, today - report first, comments later.

Day 2: 8/2/13
Ely, NV to St. George, UT 346 miles

I had asked for 3 rooms on the ground floor,
we ended up with 153, 154, and another room (around the corner).

Bartek and Osito were next to the pool

Lica likes to start the day with a lubed chain...

Osito was having some problems with his ignition switch.
(thus the cutting out he experienced yesterday).

Matt ran to the store and bought a butane soldering iron -
then they went about fixing a loose wire.

I took some tire pics in the meantime.

Lica’s 908

Scott’s 908

Radek’s 908

Osito’s 908

Bartek’s TKC80

and, our Rally rear

and Rally front

Meanwhile, Scott’s SE was making a weird ticking noise that had everyone concerned.
(matt says it was coming from the cam chain tensioner, which meant low oil pressure)

It had made that noise in Baja, at Rancho Ojai, but the outside temp had been 30F.
Not the case here in Ely.

After breakfast and a fuel up, it was time to get back to the dirt.

(nice photo, Lica! )

10am - not breaking any records

As awesome as our group was, we were all learning that traveling in a big pack definitely had its drawbacks.
Patience is a virtue!

It was a beautiful morning, clear and sunny.

But, Radek’s bike was overheating again.

It didn’t make sense for flat, open dirt.
To rule out a defective radiator cap, Radek and Lica switched caps.

While the guys were troubleshooting, I took some pics of all the Oso Loco stickers.



El Bartek


and, Osito

Okay, back on the road...

Waiting at a turn...

We had a bunch more gates today.
Gracias, Ostito!

See all those black dots in the upper left corner?
They were crows.

Radek got a good shot of them in the trees...

More gates.
Thanks, Lica!

When we stopped here at this turn,
Radek said his bike was still running hot...

Beautiful downtown Lund, UT.

Hmm. Blurry.

The riding had been fast, but not very interesting.
So, when we came to this hill - the guys were all over it.



From Radek’s GoPro

Our view from the top.

We’re definitely in Utah now!

Parowan, here we come...

It's feeding time!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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