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GDR Day 9-Red Rock Lakes to Turpin Meadow

Aug 6-The campsite looked a little brighter in the morning--

This wildlife refuge has one of the world's largest populations of trumpeter swans and they were at it all night. Trumpeting I mean. Earplugs came in handy. Also spoke with one of the Conservation Rangers who told me that a fellow lost an arm in a grizzly attack three weeks earlier about 15 miles south of my campsite. Kinda glad I followed proper bear country protocol that night and stored all my food and trash in the campground's bear lock up.

Rolled out at 8am and headed towards Yellowstone National Park. Saw my first sign mentioning Yellowstone. Noticed that there was still some snow around here--

Stopped and ate breakfast here at Red Rock Pass (Divide crossing #6) which also marks the border between Montana and Idaho--

Then rode to Henry's Lake and Big Springs, Idaho--

Big Springs is really something to see. Every day 120 Million gallons of groundwater just welling up in the middle of nowhere--it's the source of the Henry's Fork which is a major river in this area. Here's a pic of the Henry's Fork only a few miles from Big Springs where of course Kirby had to go swimming--

Had to stop here because my linear actuator had wormed its way back down to the bottom stop knocking my trim all out of whack. I bought some hose clamps at a hardware store then began the laborious job of jacking up the rig, disconnecting the actuator, and hand screwing the shaft out to a neutral position, then I stacked the hose clamps around the shaft to keep it from backing down again. Fingers crossed I headed out again after about a 2-hr delay.

Next stop was a little touristy, but I wanted to see Mesa Falls--

From here I followed the Flagg Ranch Road to the Wyoming border where I entered Yellowstone Park and got my first glimpse of the Grand Tetons--

After Grassy Lake the Flagg Ranch Road turns into the Rockefeller Parkway. This parkway is not anything like the Garden State Parkway or the Blue Ridge Parkway--

The parkway ends at the Flagg Ranch on State Rt. 191 where you turn south on pavement toward Jackson Lake and Jackson, WY--

Unfortunately, this 15-mile stretch of pavement between Flagg Ranch and Moran Junction took me over an hour because of construction. I stared a hole in my GPS trying to find a dirt alternative but there wasn't one. Finally got to Moran Junction about 5pm and broke out of the stop-and-go tourist traffic by turning east on Rt. 26 and then northeast on the Buffalo Valley Rd. Yay! Back on the GDR and back on gravel!

186 miles this day including construction delays, sightseeing trips, and linear actuator repair. 2686 miles since leaving Tacoma.

The picture above was the last one I took before the crash.
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