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After a week recovering in Tacoma, Jay Giese of DMC Sidecars generously offered to let me borrow the DMC trailer that was specifically designed for sidecar rigs. I drove the trailer to Boise behind my own SUV where BT and I loaded the rig on it, then I spent another night at BT's house. Met with the Progressive Insurance appraiser the next morning--very professional and knowledgable guy--then made the drive back to Tacoma.

The next day I dropped the 1150 at South Sound BMW for a damage appraisal and took the sidecar and trailer back to DMC also for an appraisal. The sidecar is relatively unscathed--the rear upper mount needs to be replaced and the paint job got scratched up a bit--that's all. I'm still waiting on the damage appraisal for the bike. The rear subframe is bent, both mirrors and windshield broken, and the forks are scratched but won't know if they got bent until they're removed and the runout measured. The RID was damaged by gasoline, and I don't know yet if the front subframe is bent.

As for my accessories, the panniers and rack are finished, and the tank bag and tail bag are wrecked. Everything else seems to be OK. My riding gear was not damaged at all (Held "Steve" gloves, Spidi jacket, BMW Santiago pants, Nolan Trilogy helmet). Tossed the Nolan in the trash anyway simply because hidden damage to a helmet is always possible.

It's now been three weeks since the crash. I'm still having a hard time getting in and out of my car, and sneezing is painful. I don't think my leg will ever be right again, but it should heal well enough that I'll have full use back in a few months. I'm walking with a limp, but can easily walk a mile with the dogs so I'm hardly an invalid. All in all, pretty damn lucky!!
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