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Originally Posted by Bartek990 View Post
Hola Osit'os!!!

Wow!!! first off thank you so much for putting this RR together. It's great and really insightful!

Lica , we are so ready to take your new bike for a test ride:) Post some pictures please.

Regarding TKC – 80 lesson learned the hard way - later in RR.
Hola Bartek!!

We've been waiting for you!

Can you believe that Lica has a shinier bike than Osito now????

Originally Posted by joefromsf View Post
Woo Hoo. Getting in early on a Wan ride report. And covering the best parts of the TAT, too. I'm hoping to relaunch, oops I mean restart, my Western TAT trip next year.
Hi Joe!
Nice to see you! Hope your ribs are healed up.
Oh, be careful - your favorite step is even worse this year than it was in 2012
I'll have some pics/screen caps for you on day 12...

Originally Posted by Jonathan Multhaup View Post
Woo hoo! The Wans are loose again, and this time apparently without the voice of reason! After all, if the Voice of Reason was present, Bartek would have changed out that TKC80.

Thanks for writing up another one Kelly!
hi Jonathan!
Thanks for joining us again. How's the leg doing?
hope it healed quickly!
Yeah - I gave the Voice of Reason to redog1 last year...I might have made a huge tiny mistake.

Originally Posted by Just Paul View Post
And hello from Venice, Italy

Just finished our 18 day vacation and are headed home tomorrow

, Paul!

Um. Are you supposed to be checking ADV on your honeymoon??

Heh. Hope you and Jill had a great trip!
Did you get gyros on Santorini??

Originally Posted by Ol Man View Post
Great report, as always. You put a lot of effort into these reports and it is appreciated.
Aw, thanks, Ol Man!
I appreciate you reading them!

Originally Posted by Phreaky Phil View Post
Hi Kelly and Matt. Watching with interest. Loved Colorado last year and would love to ride more of it.
Have you had a chance to check out the Americas Cup boats. ?
Cheers Phil
hi Phil,
Yes, Colorado is worthy of a return trip! The TAT just skims CO. There's a lot more to see.
We got a little more this time, but still missed a bunch.

Nope, haven't looked at the boats at all! I forgot all about the Amer. cup, actually.
It's been a bit of a bust.

Originally Posted by MizzouRider View Post
I'm in.. I know you make Black Bear two up on a 990 . Because you're writing up another excellent RR.
It has to be an awesome video. I was going to pass on it (riding BB) I'm getting a bit too close to 60, and/or, I need a smaller bike.
However,, if you guys can ride it two up on a 990, I've got to suck it up (with my woefully inadequate skills) and give it a shot..
Thanks for posting, I've read all your previous RRs, always entertaining and informative.
hey MizzouRider!
haha, that little bit has probably made a lot of folks dig a little deeper...
But, it's worth it for Black Bear! This was our 2nd time.
It's soooo beautiful, definitely give it a shot.
There are just a few tough spots, and it's mostly that they mess with your mind...

Originally Posted by AteamNM View Post
Applause! Go Wan go! In always, the best RR writer is at it again.

Huba huba Kelly!

Gee, thanks, AteamNM!
happy to have you along for this one, too
Wait til you see how a 500 lb trials bike does in Moab!!

Originally Posted by Alleycatdad View Post
You guys rock. I spend one day at the kids' soccer jamboree, and look what pops up!

Can't wait....

Yay, hi Steve!
Hope you still have a good internet connection for the linkies!

Originally Posted by Scribe View Post
Sure would like to hear Big Wan's tips for riding two up in the dirt. You two do amazing things on that schoolbus. I don't even like riding two up on the street on mine.
Thanks, Scribe!
Heh, you don't want BigWan's tips -
they're things like - Don't slow down!

p.s. I actually prefer dirt to street...
cars are dangerous!!

Originally Posted by NSFW View Post
hahaha, we'll be all glued again to another EPIC RR.

thanks to the wans and cast for taking us along.

big ktm sales will be up again....damn
Hi Joel!

Oh, I hope I can live up to the hype...

And, with this report - I hope the sales of KTMs don't go down...

Originally Posted by Hobbes950 View Post

OOOOOH! Skin shot!

ORANGE skin?

Originally Posted by oldtrucks View Post
He rarely wears underwear, and when he does it's something unusual


I guess you guys are used to the blue shorts...

hey - what the...?

oldtrucks! Where's the underwear???

lost your nerve, eh?

hope my joke still makes sense!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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