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I wish I could say I was fast, I've lost some of what I had over the years. I used to turn wrenches for a living. Swapping this engine would have been done before lunch, 15 years ago..

The bike did great today, total of 224 miles. Everything is crisper than the old engine. Shifting, throttle response, torque curve, it's all great. The one thing that is different that I'm not immediately crazy about is the exhaust note at idle. The 950 engine had more of a 'big cam' lumpiness to it.

I took a few pics today, nothing to get all wet over though. I didn't leave the house until 3pm so I spent more time making time than I usually like. My style of riding is go hard for the first third, putter for the 2nd, then make a b-line for the finish during the third.

Chrysler Windsor in an abandon lot. Some fresh gas and air in the tires would make this old girl go, I bet

Nothing much here. Stopped for a break and took a pic. Didn't zip my fly up fast enough and caught some of my own shadow.

Abandoned places fascinate me, I try to stop to check them out when I can.

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