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Regarding the "lap" of the track. I was right behind the "follow me" guy on my ST. I hit over 80 mph on parts of the track staying with him. This was about 6:15.
My daughter didn't get to come with me so I sold her tickets about 6:45. The guy didn't want her lap ticket so I went back at 7:43 just as they were about to close. It was the guy and me alone on the track. He was game and I saw 100 mph on that lap!! Laughed in my helmet like Jeremy Clarkson the whole time.
Wish I had waited, I was on track at about 5:45, got it over Hundred on the front stretch and pulled the front end up over the Yard of Bricks but had to whoa it down before turn 1 and the Follow up ride marshall yelled at me to slow down. Oh well it was fun to ride the track even if most of it was at about 35mph.
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