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Hey Drone - Great ride, great ride report, then BUMMER! I at it when things happen so fast... Really glad you two are ok. The rig is always fixable... Everything could have turned out much differently...

The weight is truly amazing. Earlier this year I weighed us fully outfitted at a truck scale... 1500 lbs!

We (yo, wifey, and canine Sally) did the pretty mellow southern two legs last Thanksgiving on our Sportster/Ural; that was supposed to be the trial for this summer's trip. Going over some narrow patches with drop offs I wondered if securing her (the dog, not wifey...) inside the hack with a leash was a good idea. In your case, it seems like having her thrown clear was the best possible outcome. Really good of you to cushion the bikes landing with your body...

Any thoughts on leash/no leash? Sadly, I had to put Sally to sleep a couple months ago; f'ing cancer . Hardest thing I have ever done, and it kinda took the wind out of our sails for hack trips. That dog would rather ride than eat...
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