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Yesterday's Belated Rant

Gas Stations

In Canada we're bombarded with media propaganda to visit the US as it's the "Land of Dreams". Fine, but if I may suggest you start your welcome at the damn gas pumps!

We were in the Chicago area yesterday looking for gas. It was a busy station.

Pumps are pre-pay. Fine.
They don't accept Canadian Debit cards. Fine.
They WILL accept our Visa IF we provide a Zip Code. We don't have a Zip, we have a Postal Code. "See Cashier"
Great, go to the store, wait in line and pre-pay. How much? I dunno, enough to fill two bikes.

So Bec goes in and lays down a $20. I'm out standing by the bikes twiddling my thumbs unable to pump. The lineup is growing and everyone is looking at me like WTF? I just stand there beside the Canadian flag on my topcase. Finally I get the go ahead and try to pump. Nothing. "Grade not authorized" Huh? So now I wait for Bec to walk back and say "oh I chose the cheap grade". Great. Hang up the nozzle again and start over. Finally! Well my bike got filled but we hit $20 before hers was full. F it, lets go before we get mobbed! If she'd paid $25 and it came to $23, then we'd have to go back in the store, wait in line and get the change. Holy F I hate filling up. Not we have to stop sooner cause she's at 3/4. Repeat 4 times a day.

If there was only some kind of aux tanks.............. Oso, you there?


Soooo, we need gas today. My lights on and the countdown has begun. Oh look, there's a place!

Yeah, great. We get there and it's DESERTED with no trespassing signs. Zumo says another 2 miles down some road so good! So we get to the next station.

This is what I get:

The lady comes out and says "Sorry, SOMEONE forgot to order the gas". Awesome. Funny thing was that she wanted her 52 cents! I quietly prayed that whatever got pumped was combustible. Another mile down the road then, knowing the end may be near.

So we get to this place:

When's the last time you seen a pump with a drum type display? All I could think of was fuel pump failures. He was a great, friendly guy but obviously a goldfish in a small glass. I explained the concept of ear plugs while he was aghast at a GPS being installed on a bike. Not making fun of the locals, it's just that I haven't met such a small town guy in awhile.

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