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Originally Posted by DRONE View Post
Cannonshot--your tracks were brilliant! Can't imagine how long it took you not only to do the tracks but to do the RR with all that interesting info about the ride.

In advance, I saved all the likely "alt" routes I expected I might need (like the Fleecer workaround) and these made navigation really easy. I also brought along the Adventure Cycling Assoc maps, and had Garmin's 24k routeable topos on my Montana, so I never didn't know where I was or where I was going. I also enjoyed your waypoints so I could keep an eye out for things like a divide crossing, a campsite, or a point of interest.

I even saved your entire RR as a pdf file on my notebook so I could refer to it anytime even when I had no wi-fi. Every night when I climbed into my sleeping bag I would bring up the pdf and read the part that covered the next day's ride so the info would be fresh in the morning.


I was aware of course that the tracks I got from you were 4 years old so discovering slides and washouts and road closures did NOT result in my cussing you out in absentia. I've ridden enough in the backcountry to know that backcountry routes change from year to year.

Thanks and good to know that some of that stuff was helpful to you.

So glad the accident wasn't worse that it already was.
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