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Day 2: 8/2/13
Ely, NV to St. George, UT 346 miles, continued

We stopped in Parowan for gas and lunch

It was HOT.

We sat in the A/C and nursed our subway sandwiches as long as we could.
Then it was time to fill our camelbaks with ice and hit the road.

Whoops, the mirror screwed that one up! (Also, sorry it's so huge )
Well, it was the Dixie Natíl Forest.

oh, look - hereís the same photo from last year...

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We rode past Red Creek Reservoir,
home of the infamous movie night with Capín Underpants!

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Movie Night: The Aftermath...

Itís really pretty in the Dixie Forest.

After riding through so much desert, I was happy to see some trees.

We were really enjoying the ride...

The trail was finally getting good - more rocks, more ruts...
Some nice inclines and declines...
Unfortunately, I thought Matt was recording so I didnít take photos.

And...he wasnít. No pics.

We were picking up speed and Matt was enjoying himself quite a bit.
It was getting really fun, and he was picking good lines....

When something went terribly wrong...

The bike started to feel like absolute sh*t.
It got all crazy and bouncy and felt out of control.
What the...?

We stopped to see if we had a rear flat.

Mother brother!

It was a blown shock.

Oil was leaking everywhere.

Son of a flipping biscuit!

Weíre done.

There was talk of trading springs or maybe bikes in order to ride out of there...
(It was made abundantly clear that no one wanted any part of giving me a ride)

gee, thanks fellas...

But, our only choice was to ride out 2up (gingerly) and get to a town.

It was a bummer - the best stuff was still to come.

If I thought it was hard to take photos before, after the shock blew it was even worse.
I could only sneak a few when it was pretty flat.
Any rocks or ruts and I would practically get bounced off the bike!

More rocks. Last time it was fun.
This time...not so much.
Sigh. (sorry, still no pics of the good parts)

It looked like the ride might be over for us. On Day flipping Two!!
After all that planning, we might not make it to Colorado...
Ugh. It was killing us to talk about it.

We headed down to Panguitch, hoping for cell reception and internet.
Ended up at the same gas station where we met Gary last year.
I had to pay him $1 for the stupid photo so I might as well use it again.

Matt called SuperPlush Suspension and tried to talk to James.
He wasnít there, and the person answering the phone couldnít answer any questions.
When pushed for recommendations, the employee said there was a suspension guy in Colorado Springs.
600 miles away.

I felt so bad about this whole thing.
Matt and I were ruining the dayís ride. We had been planning to go to Torrey, UT tonight.
We tried to get the guys to ride on ahead, but they wanted to wait.
Bartek tried to cheer everyone up by treating the group to ice cream.

Thanks, Bartek!

Osito got on his phone and started calling around, too.
He tried a bunch of local places to see if anyone could fix our shock, but had no luck.
Thanks, Osito!

On his way down to Reno, Radek had stopped at Konflict Motorsports in Washington.
Alex helped him out with a lower bushing for his rear shock.
Radek said, ďAlex is super cool - let me call him...Ē
It was almost 6pm and all the shops were starting to close...
but we had our fingers crossed....

Oh my god.
Alex was awesome!
He didnít know us - we werenít his customers - he had no reason to do anything to help.

But - he did some research, called around, and found a shop that could help.
He called back and said Fineline Suspension in St. George would help us.
Tom of Fineline was going to come in on a saturday morning, and we should be on our way by noon.

Needless to say, next time we need suspension work, itís going to Konflict.

Thank you, Alex!

Thank you, Radek!

Obviously, we werenít going to make it to Torrey tonight.
We needed to get to St. George.

Hereís a map - B is Panguitch, A is Torrey, C is St. George

As grateful as we were to have an appointment for the morning,
the whole thing was still was a crushing disappointment.
Instead of riding dirt, we were on the slab. We were going to miss at least 1 day of the route.

The guys were good sports - we had tried again to get them to continue on the tracks,
but they wanted the group to stay together.

You guys are the best!

I was talking to Bartek about how this was a worst case scenario for us.
and he reminded me that, No, if we had crashed out - that would be the worst.
You're right, Bartek.
At least we still had a chance of making it to Colorado.

The bike felt horrible with the blown shock, even on the pavement.
Radek took this video of our stupid ďlow rider.Ē
(itís blurry, but you get the idea)

And it was freaking scary in the corners!

120 miles of slab.
I took this for Osito - a dome house with a dome garage!

It started to get warmer as we dropped down in elevation...

Another pretty sunset.

We werenít sure where we were staying tonight,
but the guys wanted to camp.
We stopped at a gas station and got supplies - water and beer.

The group tried hard to find free camping. Or at least something in a park.
No dice.
It was getting late and everyone was exhausted.

RV park camping, here we come.
At least they had a pool!

It felt wonderful!

Man, what a day.
It had been rough, but the group was in good spirits.
Dinner was beer and top ramen - delicious!!
Everyone was having fun, testing out their stoves and astronaut food...

Look at these guys - tired, but still smiling!
(Edit - matt saw this pic and said he's the only one smiling! Hmm. I think they're all smiling on the inside. )
Oso Locos!!

Day 2 is in the books!

Max speed was in the dirt :)

One more pool photo...
Oso Happy!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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