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Originally Posted by tommu56 View Post
I have a BX23 and couldn't be happier.

In my opinion the drive on decks are one more maintenance headache.
How often do you plan on switching attachments?

I only switch a couple times a year (I admit the 23 has a better BH attachment the 24,25`s) after you do a couple hook-ups it will be easier. YMMV. Use the hydraulic`s to do work not your. braun

Try the seating position I'm a big guy and just fit "in" the cockpit. That's one thing I never though about when looking.


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I have looked hard at the BX, Can you tell me how the drive over deck is a headache?

I have a feeling that the backhoe will be off and on quite often, have a great deal of small-ish stumps to dig up, and a great deal of trees to clear. Thinking of a PTO chipper to do something....anything with all those trees over just burn I think after a good pile gets made the backhoe will come off and the chipper will go on.

I know when pulling the deck off the 650 is a supreme bitch. Thing weighs like 300lbs and I have to use my lift to raise the front of the tractor to get it out from under it....totally sucks.
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