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Originally Posted by tommu56 View Post
My the drive on part is no problem is it the quick shaft attachment? one more piece to fail in my opinion.

I really wanted to go green when I bought mine but the way the 23's seat swivels around was a plus and the hoe is mounted differently tight to the frame not hung on the 3 point like a lot of tractors my old neighbor had a old 8n with 3 point backhoe and it was a bear to hook up and it had broken the mounts some point in its life frame mounted or sub frame hoe is the only way to go sub frame ususlly means deck has to come off to clear frame.

Then I am in the tractor is a tool to use and any thing that makes more connections and joints is more prone to brake.

why do you need to take the deck off to use the back hoe?

my lawn is not golf course type I only take the hoe off when I need the 3 point 1-2 times a year
It was just a comment on how hard it was to take the deck off the 650, I know the Kubota is suppose to be easy....but the JD just looked...More easy :)

Plus I have a pretty bad back,neck,arm. And if I am going to stay on my property I need to work smarter not harder. The BX was just a little harder for me to get on, a little taller. Also the seat felt less good to me. I am really sold on the Yanmar engine, I know Kubota makes a good diesel but I only have experience with this, and I know this tractor will run and mow 8hrs at a pretty heavy load on 1/4 tank of gas.

I usually mow the front and let the back go, this year I did the opposite. One neighbor bailed the back, the one that was to do the front bailed on now it is TALL_TALL. The part that got bailed (and that is not all of it) gave 314 square bails....and he was commenting on just how thick it was. IIRC the last time the front was bailed it gave 42 round bails. Remember the size of the land, entire thing is on 13a, and I would bet that about 5-6 are not useable, very bumpy and overgrown. Old cow area and you really can't even walk back there...thoughts have been for years to get a tiller and just hit the entire area and let it smooth itself out....just never had a machine that could run a big tiller.

I will likely make the buy next month, not sure I think both JD and Kubota run fall specials. Also looked at New Holland (nothing really there) and Mahindra...don't have a good feeling there, friend has a bigger Mahindra and he has had can have problems with anything, but just not a good feeling there.

It will be a BX or 1series, I really think it will spend about as much time mowing as it will digging.
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