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Originally Posted by EKIN View Post
Watching Moto2 riders at Indi, it was amazing how many of them were backing those bikes into tight corners. I am not talking a small step out of the back wheel, but a full blown slide. When they started running flying laps at the end of practice sessions and qualifying it was noticeably different even compared to the MotoGP class. This style of riding seems to have arrived in the GP class more so with MM than others reading these comparisons. In my opinion, it speaks volumes how good these riders are moving up from Moto2 when you watch MM.

Moto2 races have been very fun to watch this season.
Those that know say it is the very unsophisticated spec slipper clutch that causes/allows the bikes to back it in so much.

Marc has brought a bit of that style forward to Moto GP. They all used to do it in the 990 era.

Moto 2 has always been good. They have matured quite a bit that last year or so. I always point to the 2011 race at Aragon. If you have a Moto GP pass and you haven't seen it before, do yourself a favor.
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