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I was carving corners doing about 85 in a 55 twisty section of highway in Washington State a couple years ago, rounded a corner, and saw a LEO headed in the other direction. I watched my mirrors, and saw him pull a U-turn. I knew he had me.

I saw a pullout before he even had a chance to get behind me, and pulled over, took off my helmet, and just sat on my bike and waited. He whizzed by me, then slammed on the brakes and pulled into the pullout next to me.

He said, "Normally, people wait until I'm behind them to pull over."
I said, "I saw you turn around. I knew you had me."
He asked, "Why were you going so fast?"
I looked down at my Concours14, I looked back at the road, and then looked back at him and smiled.

We BS'ed for a while. I still got a ticket, but he wrote it up for doing 74 in a 55, so my fine was way less.

After we were done, I followed him to his car, and said "I just wanted you to know. Totally worth it!"

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