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Final chapter,

I was hoping to ride along the Saint John River, all the way to Hopewell Rocks so I plugged in the route in my GPS the night before but when I turned it on in the am
it had re-routed me. I was zoomed in too close so I didn't notice that the route had changed and the damn thing wouldn't use my avoidances.
I rode an hour on one road that turned into a highway so I turned back to take the correct route.
Does GPS stand for Garmin Piece of Shit?

I did manage to see some more covered bridges so not all was lost,

I can't for the life of me remember where this is but it sure was cool, (I'll fill in the details when I get a chance)

There are a couple of sections where you have to get on the highway but only for 10 mins or so.
Soon after you can be on some nicer roads, like the one to St. Martins, the #111

I took some OK pix last trip so I didn't bother this one but I will post a couple here,

2 bridges, one shot,

When you let your GPS take you from point A to point B, some interesting things can happen.
Usually you'll find some nice scenery,

Other times, not.
If you stay on the Fundy Trail, you'll come to this fantastic section of road that yor GPS says goes all the way to the Fundy National Park.
Well it doesn't. Even Google Maps knows it doesn't.
I got caught last year ending up on some trails that weren't fit for snowmobiles, but I manage to get through.
This year I asked for directions and ended up heading overland to get back on the highway.

Once I got back on the 114, I headed toward Fundy National Park and believe it or not they'e doing road construction.
It was like the trans lab all over but at 20kph behind a follow me truck. I almost dumped the bike several times. How cruel would that have been?

I stopped at Ponderosa Pines Camp Ground listening to the neighbors xm radio classic 80's. Good times again.

So that's it pretty much. Got up the next morning and headed for home.

I did drop into the railway museum to take a few pix,

Thanks for coming along for the ride.
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