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Back sometime in the 70's, my friends had mini bikes, briggs and stratton motors, no suspension kind of things.
I was never able to get one, but I bugged my dad long enough to where he bought a Kawasaki 100cc dual sport (2 stroke).
My first ever ride was on a little field next to the store in Hanesport NJ.
I stalled the bike out about 10 times till my dad got angry, then I managed to get going. I was 14 I think.
We used to take the bike someplace, he would go out for a ride, be gone a while, and I thought he fell and cracked his head open. He would come back, and I would go, and he thought I hit a tree. It was not working out.
I managed to talk him into LENDING me some money to get my own bike, a Suzuki TC90.
My friends parents bought them bikes TS90, and a Yamaha dt100, and all four of us went out almost every weekend to various places we could ride.
We would ride all day long, and summer vacations had us ride local almost every day. We did a LOT of riding.

My friends spent all their money on pinball and so on, I bought chains and gas and tires. When something on their bikes wore out, their parents fixed it eventually, I was busy milling the head of MY bike to increase the compression ratio and doing other things to get more power.
It was MY bike, not my parents.

I had years of riding before I ever got on the street in a legal way, and it paid off big time. I was VERY wild, but never had a bad crash.
A few low sides in the rain (very drunk) very early but no real damage to me or bikes.
No street crashes since the last lowside in 1979? I think it was.
Big bikes, little bikes, street bikes, dual sports, motocross bikes, local and cross country riding, not owning a car, all weather riding, snow riding, mud riding, enduro racing, street racing, still doing it.
Never had a lesson other then the one my dad gave me, and he barely knew how to ride. He was in Europe in WW2 and 'borrowed' a German bike, hit a shell hole and got injured and almost got in trouble for it.
Some BMW adventure bike no doubt.
And no Starbucks....
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