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Originally Posted by Ras Thurlo View Post
260mm is what I should get from my TAG monolever, but have to believe that you get a better quality experience on same quantum of travel from a paralever - because of lack of jacking

Are you in effect saying that the torque arm is the real limiting factor, not the shock setup (vertical vs diagonal?).
No not exactly what i ment.
Because of the para lever construction the long swing arm doesn't really work like a long swing arm.
The drive shaft is limited in its max angle thats the limiting factor around here.
But the final drive is moving the opposite way of the swing arm, if the swing arm goes up the final drive go's down.
Nice for the anti jacking, but not so nice for wheel travel.
Originally Posted by Ras Thurlo View Post
what do you think you need to FU in order to get 285mm?
I made some drawings before i got into surgery:
Standard setup (as good as i could measure all things) (hard to read but this makes 260mm travel)
(Shock mount is probably on the wrong spot but i didn't care at this point.)

My current setup (as close as i could get) (hard to read but this makes 285mm travel)

If you look close you can see what i did.
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