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Okay, so, I know that the juicy top notch ADV bikes have ABS that can be switched off (with varying degrees of ease) for when one heads out across the unpaved roads.

My question is this:

How important is it to be able to switch off the ABS for a rider that ISN'T imagining himself to be participating in the Dakar?

NOTE TO TROLLS: If you want to go on and on about how real riders don't need ABS, it's just marketing malarky, etc, etc. DON'T. Save it, stuff it, put it where the sun don't shine. I'm not interested in that at the moment, I'm interested in how much real world downside there may be to having ABS while poking around, not racing about, off pavement.
I don't know about your bike, but on mine (F800GS) in certain rough areas, washboards, etc, when the tire is airborn part of the time, the ABS releases completely, so you have no brakes at all. Zero. This can happen at very slow speeds as well as faster, has nothing to do with Dakar. There is no bigger feeling of acceleration in all of motorsports as the moment you realize you have no brakes at all when you need them. If you are going down a steep hill at the time, you are well and truely fucked. If your buddy stops in front of you, he is well and truely fucked. I'd say go out in a safe place and try it and see what you think.

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