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Day 6 : Late Start.

I wake up about 7:00 with a smashing headache on the beach of Dease Lake.........I've been afraid of this for the entire trip, I get these in bouts that last about 2 months, and I can get them every few days, almost on cue every time... I missed my last day of work before leaving because of these...Aside from the hot poker type pain on one side, the red, tearing up eye, and clogged sinus, I cannot keep my eyes open without pliers...My body just wont let them! Can't ride like that!

It incapacitates me until about 2:00. It was a struggle making breakfast and pumping fresh water through my filter. At least it is warm enough to just lie on the beach in pain....I gotta get some miles in!

First stop was Jade City. Not a city at all, but a nice little tourist trap! Nice people who run it, lots of green trinkets to buy, and free coffee! That and a Oh Henry get me through for the next while... I'm looking for some real food soon. I feel starved and dehydrated..

There are some neat artifacts to see at Jade City. Here is a gas powered reciprocating saw.

Good Hope Lake. No gas here, despite what the sign says!!!

And Miles and miles of this, up to the Yukon Border. The smell of smoke is getting ever stronger.

Well, this is my first time leaving BC north of the border!

I made it to the Yukon Territory! Still haven't made it to another province yet!

Here's some useful info for Hwy 37. It never hurts to take a pic of these numbers and places.

Had a reasonably healthy, yet mediocre meal near the 37/Alaska Junction. It was good to eat anything at all, but there was waay too much butter on my rice, and I paid top dollar for a tiny bottle of water with it...While staff drank from a pitcher....I will leave them nameless!

Got a good soaking further up the Alaska, Flashes of lightning, thicker smoke.

I pushed as far ahead as I could to make up for the late start. Just made it to Teslin in time to get gas before they closed at 11:00. Got another free coffee just before they dumped it!

The rain has brought out the bugs! I leave Teslin in the dark. The bugs look like snow in my headlights.

By the time I get here, I can barely see through the bugs on my visor! I'm 40 kms north of Teslin, good enough for the night! I'm hoping I can ride the Canol on the way back!!!

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