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Originally Posted by tkent02 View Post
I don't know about your bike, but on mine in certain rough areas, washboards, etc, when the tire is airborn part of the time, the ABS releases completely, so you have no brakes at all. Zero. This can happen at very slow speeds as well as faster, has nothing to do with Dakar. There is no bigger feeling of acceleration in all of motorsports as the moment you realize you have no brakes at all when you need them. If you are going down a steep hill at the time, you are well and truely fucked. If your buddy stops in front of you, he is well and truely fucked. I'd say go out in a safe place and try it and see what you think.
Well, since my only ABS bike at the moment is an ST1300A, there is no such thing as a "safe place" to experiment, since once it gets up an unbraked head of steam, it probably won't stop this side of catastrophe. And I KNOW the ST1300's ABS doesn't have an easy means of disabling it.

So basically what happens is if you're braking, catch some wheel/ground separation due to the bumpitedy-bumpitties, the ABS gets all confused and let's the wheel roll free. By the time the ABS catches up to what's really happening at the wheel/ground interface, bad things may have happened. Got it, sounds like something to avoid.

Thanks for the info.
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