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Originally Posted by tkent02 View Post
I don't know about your bike, but on mine in certain rough areas, washboards, etc, when the tire is airborn part of the time, the ABS releases completely, so you have no brakes at all. Zero. This can happen at very slow speeds as well as faster, has nothing to do with Dakar. There is no bigger feeling of acceleration in all of motorsports as the moment you realize you have no brakes at all when you need them. If you are going down a steep hill at the time, you are well and truely fucked. If your buddy stops in front of you, he is well and truely fucked. I'd say go out in a safe place and try it and see what you think.
Your point is valid, where dirt riding can mean your tires lose contact with the ground regularly. But the OP seems to be talking about trundling along on a fire road at a relaxed pace, as opposed to woods riding.
I also see your point about not wanting to ride into your buddy if he stops in the middle of a hill descent. However, a sensible protocol on group rides where such a steep hill descent presents itself, would be to take it in turn, each rider beginning the descent after the previous rider has reached and cleared the bottom. Failing that, if multiple riders are descending, the interval should leave enough time and space to recognize a stopped rider and maneuver accordingly to (at least attempt to) avoid bike to bike collision.

Originally Posted by tokyoklahoma View Post
I could live with full time ABS on the front, IF I could turn the rear completely off. Stopping on a down-hill grade with a bunch of gravel and rock, you have to be able to lock the rear and slide until drag overcomes gravity.
One of my friends has a driveway that is gravel, and steep, and T's into a busy two lane blacktop. I would hate to have ABS there.
To this, as well as the other quoted post, I would remind that ABS is speed-sensitive. Or, put another way, speed is key data in the ABS computer's calculations to determine when and how hard (or how softly) to allow the brakes to work. In the hill descent scenarios, the speed at the crest of the hill would generally be quite slow.* If the amount of momentum you have when you initiate braking, which relates to how fast you are going, is minimal, the amount of intervention of ABS should be manageable to safely get to the bottom without crashing or getting T-boned by traffic.
* Rider aids like ABS don't compensate for lack of basic skillls like looking ahead and choosing your "line"
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