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Originally Posted by tokyoklahoma View Post
I could live with full time ABS on the front, IF I could turn the rear completely off....
Nope, I want the front off too. And if I could only have one turned off, it would be the front. In loose conditions most braking power is still in the front. For best performance I want to be able to go in & out of lock in the front and pile up gravel ahead of the wheel, which is actually where significant stopping power comes from. Yup, in dirt it is routine to briefly lock up the front.

I won't repeat all the details of my ABS-caused excursions but it is the FRONT where the ABS lets me down. The rear, it's almost an afterthought. If the downhill is steep the rear won't have much braking power anyway. On my non-ABS DRZ, I seldom use the rear brake and don't "back it in" as much as I "slide it around" with power. When I had my (2-stroke) non-ABS GasGas it had less "engine braking" and I used the rear brake a lot more.

With my 990 Adventure, it is too heavy for me to want to slide it around much and I don't "back it in". Off pavement I do use the rear brake more than I do on the DRZ but most of the stopping power is still in the front. I want to be able to briefly lock the front on command. When the front ABS comes on in loose conditions, it feels like "no brakes". There is even the psychological illusion of acceleration since the expectation is to slow and the absence of the expectation is perceived as the opposite sensation.

In loose stuff (depending on what tires I was running) I could stop my earlier non-ABS V-Strom 1000 better than I can my ABS 990 (with ABS on) and those bikes are similar weight.
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