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monday, august 26, 2013 - utah bdr repair day

for me, today involved plowing 2 hours through driving rain from price, utah to moab, utah. i wound up at moab powersports center south of town. before i can get back on the backcountry routes i need 3 things - a higher-mounted front fender, longer front brake lines, and probably a new set of tires.

playing around with my fender in the parking lot, i decided i could modify the original triumph fender and hang it from the triple clamp assembly. one problem solved.

modified fender, moab, utah by porkandcorn, on Flickr

installed fender, moab, utah by porkandcorn, on Flickr

the fine folks at the moto store happened to have one brake line that i could use to replace the U-section that wraps over the top of the tire, so i've got an appointment at 9am tomorrow morning to swap that out. i'm on the fence about replacing the tires - i'd kind of like to see if i could make it through the rest of the utah and colorado routes with the heidenau's i have on the tiger, proving their worth as a truly multi-purpose road/off-road tire. i know they work in sand from my time in south america. they just simply don't work in mud - but frankly, no tire will change the fact that i'm on a 490 lb. bike.

my cohort spent the day riding section 3, and he's just arrived at the downtown moab hotel i've secured for the night. he showed up looking dirty, but not as bad as we both were yesterday. he hit some heavy sand and more mud, some washed out roads, but he said he had a great time. i asked "would the tiger have made it today?" the answer: "absolutely not."

hopefully we are past the worse of the muck, and things will dry out as we head south. who knows. not the best timing to hit these backcountry routes. in dry conditions, they would be amazing for either of our bikes. in these freakish flooding conditions, it's anybody's guess as to who can pass and who can't. i'm just taking it as it comes, and having fun getting my macgyver on messing with the bike. i'll try to get some photos of travis' ride up later.
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