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Originally Posted by tapdiggy View Post
Your point is valid, where dirt riding can mean your tires lose contact with the ground regularly. But the OP seems to be talking about trundling along on a fire road at a relaxed pace, as opposed to woods riding.
I don't think anyone considered woods riding with ABS, I think he was just saying as a Dual Sport type ride (off pavement) that it would be a bad idea.

I do not own any ABS equipped bikes, though borrowed Ladybug's ABS equipped bike a few years back. My closest call with it was actually while trundling along. Road swerved to avoid a mudish hole, dry that time of year. I was through it and basically back on the gravel road. I went that way to pass a slower rider. Not riding much faster, but I took the more direct line. Well we came together actually at almost the same time, so I got on the brakes some and ended up sliding right past the other rider as the ABS engaged. I think ABS kicking in when you least want it to can happen at about any speed.

I have looked at a few bikes that I would want to D/S/Adventure ride on that come with ABS only and it cannot be disabled. I figured I would completely remove that system just so I could get the bike I want, with the brakes I want.

If I had to boil down my dislike of ABS to one thing...its that I am not truly the one controlling the bike. There is some measure of computer controlling it. I want complete control of every bit of the bike, so when I wind up in the ditch, I can blame myself, and figure out where to improve.

as with everything. YMMV.
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