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And we continue to follow your adventures :)

It continues to be a great read. Northern europe (hemisphere for that matter) really starts to change in the end of August, so you just made it in time. A few years back i went to Finland for a few weeks in August and the change is quite faster than down here in the south :).
I think you should visit Africa as others have said, i have never been but it's on my list as well. My brother has worked all last year in Angola, and my advice there (from his info) would be to be careful on the northern regions, and if possible avoid Luanda, it's a big chaotic and very very expensive city. Down south the people are friendly and thins get cheaper, i would risk saying that this is the same in most african countries, but there are a few that i would skip if possible, and in this subject there are much better informed people in this Forum. I would advise you to read this RR and maybe contact the guy if you didn't already ( )

I will keep following your trip, and if you end up going to Asia and do the trip you're planing , i'll be in Malaysia from the 24th to the 28th, then in Cambodia for a few days, and spending new year's eve in Siam Reap...if you happen to be around, let me know and save a bottle of champagne heheh

And drink more water dude....heheh
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So now I am caught up once again.
Right now, I am sitting in my little dorm room in A Norway right now watching the rain come down sideways outside my double-pained window.
Two of the backpackers I was sharing the room with took off and went for a hike. Now that is hardcore. When it comes to rain and bad weather, I am kind of soft. I like it here. It is warm and dry. But I too will venture out in to this weather soon. I need to put in some miles today

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