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Originally Posted by Hughlysses View Post
Really enjoying your ride report.

The squeamish may want to avoid reading the following:

I'm not a doctor, and I didn't even stay at a Holiday Inn last night, but here's a trick for relieving much of the pain of a smashed fingernail like that. You can CAREFULLY take the tip of a knife blade and GENTLY twirl it back and forth to drill a hole in the nail. Once you punch through, the trapped blood will come out of the hole, and suddenly your finger will feel MUCH better. My dad did this to mine when I was about 12 and smashed my thumb in a car door. I was scared to death, but it felt so much better when he got through I've never forgotten the trick.

I've also heard you can do the same thing by straightening a paperclip, heating the end red hot with a match or lighter, and pressing the tip to the nail (again, CAREFULLY). It'll quickly melt a hole through the nail, relieving the pressure. You're on your own with that one though, I've never tried it.
Wish i'da heard that then. I rode the rest of the country with it throbbing most of the time and cringing in shareper pain anytime it bumped anything. Seems stupid, but something little like that can be extremely annoying. A new nail actually pushed it out and it fell off a couple weeks later. Makes sense a hole could relieve the pressure. I would have tried anything at this point.
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