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I'm having a hard time keeping up with all my responsibilities on this trip. That and Bec is hogging the computer keeping up with her family on FB and doing work stuff. When I get the laptop the battery's dead and the POS will overheat if you charge it while using it. Hence the shorter, multiple posts. I've lost a few half hour write-ups in the past.

Yesterday felt more like holiday, or like work with a lot of breaks. We hit the Interstate at 10:30 after sleeping in but soon crossed into Mountain time so we gained an hour. The heat is oppressive so travelling at 80 just may be the better choice over stop and go secondarys. I 90 is riddled with billboards of all sizes and colours. I felt like a fish navigating a river full of fishing lures trying to reel me in. Over the travels we passed Reagan's birthplace, Lincoln's something, Laura Ingals Wilder's birthplace, The World's Biggest this and that but passing by Captain Kirks future birthplace was the toughest.


So far so good. I believe it's either preventative maintenance or good German Engineering. The heat and sustained high speed doesn't seem to bother the engines although the morning inspection showed oil and coolant weeping from the water pump hole on Bec's bike. It was minor so I cleaned it off and added it to the "monitor" list. Can't really fault that so I'll let Woody worry for me on that. My 800 consistently takes 1/2 to 3/4 gallon more on fill ups. That's 2 litres + difference for side by side riding. Mine's heavier loaded and higher and with the headwinds inn the Prairies here, mine was showing 6.5 to 7.5 L/100. Someone can convert that to MPG for me. This heat has the morning inspections limited to "tires have air and chain looks ok".

We're leaving the Devil's Tower in Wyoming this am and since Yellowstone is on fire, the Glacier National Park in Montana is the destination today. Sounds cooler?

I took hundreds of great pics yesterday of our travels and will try to get them posted tonight.
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