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learned twice

I have 2 stories. One when I learned as a youth and one when I relearned this year at age 60. At age 20 a friend and I decided we would take a 2 month motorcycle trip around the US when we graduated from college. I'd never been on a bike. I bought a 1975 550 Honda and read the manual so I could figure out how to start it and switch gears. I rode around the block twice and a friend jumped on the back and we rode to the bowling alley. Two days later I rode from Indiana to Florida.

At age 60 I hadn't ridden in years and knew I had to relearn. This time I took the MSF course, read every safety book and read every safety article and safety tip on the internet. I bought an old suzuki marauder and in 3 weeks put many miles on the bike practicing on parking lots and back roads. I DON'T FEEL INVINCIBLE ANYMORE AND AM A LITTLE WISER.
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