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Originally Posted by Reaver View Post
Day 1

949 kms, 11 hrs in the saddle!

That's almost 600 miles for you Yanks.

So much for my endurance worries. We're in Geneseo Illinois at what Zumo thinks is a Super 8 Motel. I forget what the sign says buy the lady at the desk gave us a single person rate with some discount for a membership we don't have. Sweet. We'd stopped at a Best Western with a vacant lot and they told us $100. F that S. At the 800 km mark I saw Bec drift across a lane. She later said she was struggling to stay awake. Not good. I was cruising at 80 mph when my engine suddenly cut out. For a sec I was in shock but quickly realized I'd simply let go of the throttle. Interstates are extremely boring and tiring. We made it although stupidly pushed ourselves.

Normally Border crossing into the US is a breeze. No paperwork, no fees just a passport check and a few questions. NOT TODAY! We got Special Agent "Thorough" with a "Not on My Watch!" attitude. He was checking trunks, poking in windows and every other car went for secondary inspection. Twice our lane was shut down because inspection was full. OMFG! With about 10 cars in front of us, it took an hour. We'd had a late start because the stray cat that showed up at my house days before I moved, and I reluctantly adopted, started acting weird like it was sick. Bec had to reassure herself it would be ok. The Pet sitter is a vet. Cats are free, can we go now? I call him "Broken Tail" but I think it should be "Broken Head". It's weird, even for a cat.

It was a beautiful day for a ride. Sunny and 26-28 C which feels cool at 80 mph. I chose to wear my System 6 helmet for various reasons like my sunglasses got trashed during the move and it has a flip down sun visor. It's modular which makes it wider than my Shoei Hornet creating more wind resistance. My neck was sore after 2 hrs and that doesn't happen with the Hornet. The peripheral vision is less as well. It's always windy and turbulent in the Great Lakes areas but soon it will be much hotter as we leave them behind.

I look like Marvin Martian.

I'm a Geneseo native...hope you enjoyed your stay....great trip/rr so far....
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