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Originally Posted by redog1 View Post
for the update. Starting my Monday morning with a Wans RR update and a cup of coffee, Awesome.
Originally Posted by nmtrialsguy View Post
In. Thanks Little Wan for another RR. It's great to wake up with a nice cup of Joe and read another day's report!
Aw, sorry you guys - got you all excited about morning updates and then I blew it today...
I got stalled out on Day 3 and started working on Day 4 instead...
Now I need to go back and do Day 3.

Originally Posted by sion View Post
Look at these guys - tired, but still smiling!
(Edit - matt saw this pic and said he's the only one smiling! Hmm. I think they're all smiling on the inside. )

looks to me like at least three of them have a mouthful of food...its hard to smile with a mouthful of food (if you have any manners, that is). anyway, there are smiles in their eyes.
Good point, sion!
yeah, I'm shy about making people pose for photos.
I tend to do a shoot and run...

Originally Posted by CamelBill View Post
A little late to the party, having just got back from my own week long BIG BIKE ride in Colorado yesterday 8/25, but IN! Thanks for all the hard work in putting these RR's together . . . . You guys are GREAT riders and all of your RR's rock!

I need to find the time to do a RR myself, you are my inspiration
Thanks, CamelBill -
hope you had a great time in Colorado!
We had lots of rain, but maybe things have dried out by now?

Originally Posted by docwyte View Post
For once I'm in on a LittleWan ride report that's ongoing!
Hi docwyte!
How's your bike doing? did you get your "bent bits" fixed up?

Originally Posted by camitzi View Post
Awesome report, Kelly, just like all your other ones, actually!
I love reading all about your group's adventures, and trying to get a better understanding of how the heck did Lica's bike get that bit up. Now it all starts to make sense

And by the way, I know at the time it wasn't funny for you, but you guys sure look funny on that bike with the blown shock (in Radek's video) .

But I'm glad you managed to fix it and to continue the ride, so we can all enjoy this great report
Hola Camelia!
Thanks for signing in!
Hope you had a wonderful time in Europe, while Lica was busy destroying his bike.

OMG - that broken shock was a crazy mess!
It did look funny, though...

I should have used a lowrider link for that post...
like this one:

Why would anyone do that on purpose???

Originally Posted by One Less Harley View Post
yep still not watching..LOL...KTM's falling carnage I'm enjoying this.....more..more...heh heh heh
Wow, I can actually see you tenting your fingers and saying, "Excellent..."

Well, definitely keep NOT watching, there's more...

Originally Posted by FiestyRed View Post
Quick question: I see some Camelbaks on people in your group. Have you always ridden with a Camelbak? How is that mouthpiece in the helmet, especially with a microphone for a com system? On our most recent trip, I definitely felt dehydrated, but it was such a pain in the butt to keep stopping for a water break. I'm thinking a Camelbak might be the answer...

Thanks, and please keep posting!!

Hi Andrea -
We only started wearing h2O packs (both of us) in the last year.
Before that, we always carried lots of water, but like you, had to stop to drink it.
We definitely stay better hydrated with the packs, especially on long days in the desert.
Mouthpiece is no problem with a microphone.

The main problem is that when Matt's pack is really full and we're in deep sand or loose rocks,
it's harder for me to hold on. The pack keeps me pushed back.
In the past, I've worn a pack and we share the water (I can hand him the hose),
so that's an option, too.

hope that helps!
good luck with the RR, it's a lot of work (but a lot of fun too).

Originally Posted by Nixels View Post
Hey Little Wan!

I found out you're having another party!

So, I'm IN!

Now I gotta go back and R E A D all the cool stuff, not just click the links!

Hiya Nicky!
What's shakin'?

Aw, there aren't as many good linkies in this report.
Youtube is driving me crazy. The best stuff gets taken down,
the rest are ruined by ads.
It sucks.

But I'm trying my best. understand?

OK, see you guys later - with Day 3

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!
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