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Originally Posted by TheBakemon View Post
There is a lot rusted out of that exhaust. I know that because when it started it all shot out the back! Haha

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Yeah, I planned to by a new MAC for it. Luckily, those are still available and reasonably priced. Not much chance of finding nice stock pipes for a machine this rare but they do turn up once in a blue moon.

The patch you see was my attempt to fix the first set of holes that rusted out. I cut out metal patches and hammered them on a sandbag into cup-shaped pieces that would wrap the curve of the pipe and cover the holes, then I gooped them into place with muffler patch, then wrapped in wire with more goop. Held for a couple of annual inspections.

I preferred the look of the stock pipes but had to be practical about it. If you feel like spending big bucks there's a Welsh outfit named Gazbike that builds a gorgeous stainless 2-into-2 for this bike. Good luck with it!
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