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Innsbrück and on to Switzerland

I left Garmisch early, and decided to ride a huge U-turn on my way to Innsbruck. I set a course for Namlos Pass to the west and then back East to Innsbrück. It started raining on me near Namlos pass so I pulled over and suited up. The pass wasn't that spectacular, but the over-all ride was a good, especially on the back-side. At the bottom of the Namlos pass I rode up the Lechtal. Which was an awesome ride. At the top of the Lechtal, in the town of Warth, I turned toward the Flexenpass. The Flexenpass wasn't that big of a deal either, construction and tunnels, but now I know where that road goes after Alberg-pass.

Namlos Pass.

After Flexenpass I rode down toward Bregenz and my goal to come back up the Silvretta High Alpine road. The Switchbacks on the Silvretta-Hochalpenstraßewere were nice but it was wet and cloudy on top. However, it was a good ride none the less.

When I got to the Silvretta turn off I smelled imbis food and it was about lunch time. I looked back over my left shoulder and I saw this place. I stopped for Currywurst! Got me through the rest of the day.

The Silvretta High Alpine road.

The top of the Silretta High Alpine Road.

I always wanted to get a picture of this castle perched above the Inn Valley.

Once off the high road, I found myself in Landeck where I filled up the tank. I had remembered a valley I had ridden up on a previous trip to Innsbruck and after a brief battle with my nemesis, the GPS, I found a route to this mysterious valley. Turns out that valley was the Kühtai. I rode up the Ortz valley a bit and then I started a switchback climb up the mountain to my left. The switchbacks were dry and it was fun sweeping back and forth on them. (I rode up leading a gang of bikes, but I lost them when I stopped in a panic to take pictures of the cows standing int the road.) Once I made it to the main valley things got really cool. There were cows everywhere! Standing in the road! I don't know how other people feel, but I thought it was cool! After the Kühltai I rode into Innsbruck and checked into my evening digs.


Cows on the Kühtai.

The top pf the Kühtai.

The Next day I knew I needed to address the issue of my riding gear failure. I went into a local motorrad shop and looked to remedy my leaking rain pants, soaked gloves and leaking boots. I found a pair of riding boots for €100. A new pair of rain pants and a decent spare set of gloves. (All of which preformed admirably) I tossed my old boots in the trash and headed out. I rode the Kühtai again because I wanted to take a picture of the cows in the road with my GOPRO camera.


More Cows and rain today on the Kühtai.

After a talk with my Austrian friend Simone last night, I had to promise not to ride the Flüelapass today, because it was on that pass that her father was killed in a motorcycle crash the year before. I promised her with a pinky swear and I plotted another course into Switzerland that gave me maximum passes for my buck.

The first new pass of the day was Reschenpass going into Italy. It was a nice, dry-ish climb up out of the Inn Valley. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it was a good ride. At the top I stopped at the Motorrad Cafe for a snack and Coffee. I talked with a couple of German Bikers who had ridden from a place not very far from where I live. I also met an Irish biker on the new BMW R1200GS. I talked to him about his BMW riding suit. I figure you get what you pay for and he said he has had his riding suit for 3 years and no water ever gets in.


Anyway, the next pass on my list was the Umbrailpass from the Valmüstair. I started up the pass twisting on the staircase switchbacks in the rain. The cool thing about Umbrailpass is a good portion of it isn't paved, which is great on the F800GS! The temperature dropped into the 40s just up to the pass and it only got colder the higher I went. I think it was 40º at the top. I stopped and took some pictures and waved at the top of Stelvio and then I turned toward Bormio. The way down Stelvio pass to Bormio was wild! Descending from the clouds into the sunny valley looked awesome. I almost dumped the bike when I pulled onto a small rocky ledge to take some pictures, but the pictures were worth it.

Riding up Umbrail pass in the mud and the rain.


The West side of Stelvio pass.

The precarious rocky edge where I stopped to get some pictures.

The West side of Stelvio going toward Bormio.

In Bormio I realized that I had forgotten how big of a S#!t Storm Italy is compared to the rest of Europe. Road signs mean nothing so I had to break out the GPS for the first time to navigate to Livigno. The Paso di Fascagno was pretty cool, perhaps the neatest part was entering the tax-free region with the false border control. Livigno looked like a nice town and part of me wanted to look for a place to hang out for the night. The other part of me wanted to get out of Italy, so I decided to press-on for the Dual-Pass crossing

The temperature in Livigno never got above 47º and the dual passes were cold! And Wet! Very wet. Forcoladi Livigno and Berninapass were both wet and cold! But the ride out of Livigno was very beautiful. The temperature was about 37º and on the backside of the Berninapass it was raining very hard. I was starting to worry about myself when I got down to St Moritz. I was cold and starting to feel a bit sloppy. I bypassed St Moritz for the next town down. I figured in Samaden I might get a better deal on a hotel. I met some bikers from the UAE at the train station in town. We had all pulled under a loading dock to get dry for a minute. These guys where all riding tricked out BMW, Victory and Yamaha bikes shipped from the UAE. One guy was wearing fingerless gloves and it was 45º in the valley! I joked with them about how I was finished for the day and then I went to find a hotel.

After striking out at the first hotel, the price was too high, I pulled into another hotel. The girl gave me the same quote and I was ready to leave but the girl said she could cut me a deal if I wanted. I talked with her and she came down 50 CHF on the room so I said it was a deal. So this is where I am at for the night. Today was pretty darn good

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