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oh, I forgot to do the casualty list for Day 2 -

1 blown rear shock - us Wans.

Day 3: 8/3/13
St. George to Salina, UT 182 miles

So, yesterday I also forgot to talk about our camping spot...
We were exhausted when we got to the campground.
It was dark and getting late.
The place was mostly set up for RVs, with some car camping tent sites.
there might have been 1 site open, but it was all gravel.

Bartek spied a picnic table with a grassy area and said,
we can just camp right here!
Um. OK.
(here’s a photo taken the next morning)

I was worried that it was the pet area - there was a fire hydrant, a dumpster, and it didn’t smell that great...

But, beggars can’t be choosers.

The guys were planning to just throw their sleeping bags on the grass.
Matt asked how I felt about that.

I like a tent, myself (I was already getting mosquito bites just standing there).
But I didn’t want to be a girl about it.

Okay. I can be one of the boys tonight.
We had a small tarp and our sleeping pads too.

We stayed up for a while, drinking beer and BSing
and then crawled into “bed”
(right where you see the orange square)

Matt and I were probably the first to lie down.
I put in my earplugs and tried to ignore the distinct smell of dog poop...
At least I wasn’t worried about Prophecy tonight!
(hey, he looks like our Oso Loco sticker! )

Everyone was so tired, sleep was not a problem.

Until 2:45am, that is.

I woke up to Matt shaking me - “Kel! sprinklers!!”

Oh, sh*t!!

Complete pandemonium!

We jumped up and grabbed our stuff as fast as we could.
Carrying it in our arms, we ran over to the bike and tried to pile our stuff on it.
Scott, Osito, Bartek - they soon joined us.
We were barefoot in the muddy gravel, miserable and confused.

What a freaking mess!
At least Matt had heard the sprinklers gear up before they started spraying.
We got a little wet, but were up and running before they went full force.

These were the most stealth sprinkler heads we had ever seen (or rather, not seen).
Completely flush to the ground unless they were spraying.

Poor Bartek - soaked!
He was right next to a sprinkler head - in this photo he’s got it covered with his shoes, trying to keep it from spraying.

Everyone had draped gear and clothing along the rail,
which was now being sprayed with water.
I think Scott tried to cover a couple of sprinkler heads with rocks,
and we stepped on some of the others and held them down...

It was awesome.

3:00 am
Oso tired and wet.

We sat around for a while, trying to figure out what to do.
Even if we wanted to leave, all our stuff was wet.

Matt said, “F**k it - we have another tarp - it’s waterproof” (our tent footprint)
He put it down on the soaked grass and we went back to sleep.

At 4am, it was groundhog day...
“KEL! sprinklers!!”

I jumped up and grabbed my stuff again.

Oh my god!!
I have had it with these monkey-fighting sprinklers in this monday-to-friday campground!
Who the hell runs the sprinklers TWICE in one night??

We ended up sleeping on the sidewalk next to the dumpster.

And, we were happy about it!

Until, that is, Matt heard a funny noise.
Ten inches from his head, another sprinkler head popped up!
Mother brother!
He reached his hand out of his sleeping bag and turned the sprinkler head away from his face.
Then went back to sleep.

The water pooled up on the sidewalk and ran under our tarp,
Matt’s sleeping pad kept him high and dry.
To add insult to injury, mine had a leak. I ended up on the ground.

At one point, I rolled over and saw that Scott was lying in the parking lot, with his head on the curb.
He had his boots lined up as a warning, so no cars would run him over.
And sprinklers were going off on either side of him.

I wanted to take a photo, but couldn’t find my camera!

Here’s my artist’s rendering...

I didn’t see Osito, but apparently he was sleeping in the tan bark next to the swings.

Bartek had put his sleeping pad directly over a sprinkler head,
so he didn’t even wake up when the sprinklers went off the second time!

It was good for laughs the next morning.

Radek and Lica had set up in the dirt, so they were safe from the spray.

Radek said he woke up and heard everyone freaking out,
but he just rolled over and went back to sleep.

Lucky bastard!

Instead of sitting around in St. George all day,
Scott decided to do some riding.
His dad lives in Delta, CO and Scott said he would meet back up with us in Grand Junction.

Somewhere during Day 2, Scott had managed to erase all the tracks from his GPS.
So, Lica went to ride with Scott.
Lica had the tracks and now we could meet up in the dirt on Day 4.

They were gone before I got up.

The rest of us would be going to Fineline Suspension.
But, first - breakfast.


Tom of Fineline told Matt not to call before 9:30 or 10am (it was saturday, after all).
So, our next stop was Rocky Mountain ATV

Bartek noticed that his TKC80 was melting away...

So, he bought himself a real tire. D908.

Here we are - Fineline Suspension.

We were still a little early, so the guys prepared their bikes.

Radek and Osito were going to try and figure out his overheating problem.

And Matt needed to get the shock ready for Tom.

Bartek took the opportunity to set up his office and do some work.
Buy! sell! buy! sell!

Here’s the shock...

and here’s Tom.

Our spring was too big to fit in Tom’s press,
so he had to compress it manually.

Eventually, I had to help - it was tough!
There was so much tension, it felt like the spring wanted to jump out of the vise.

It’s big. Some kind of car spring.

Tom was pretty cool about Matt watching him work.

Actually, Tom discovered something frightening about our shock...

He said the clevis end was working itself off. It was coming unscrewed.
It only took 6 turns before it fell off!

This really freaked Tom out - apparently if they had come apart while we were riding,
the rear end would have collapsed and we would have had a catastrophic accident.
2up, with all that weight in the back??

If we were on the highway - it probably would have been fatal.

Good thing we didn’t try and ride to Colorado Springs to try and find that suspension shop!

We left Tom to work his magic and went outside to check on the guys.
The only thing that Radek had learned from switching radiator caps with Lica,
was that his cap was fine and Lica's was messed up.

Now Osito was using his camp stove to boil some water.

They were going to check and make sure Radek’s thermostat was working properly.

It opened. It was working.

Checking the pump impeller housing.

Impeller looked okay, too.

Look at this huge bug that landed on Osito!

Tom’s wife, Ginger, stopped by.
She was super nice. Here she is, showing us around the shop.

Later, she drove me to the store to pick up Engine Ice (coolant) for Radek (2 times!)

Some of the neat stuff in the Fineline shop.
Fineline pogo stick

Autographed photo from Chuck Miller...

and, hey - we met that guy! Top Jimmy (Jimmy Lewis).

Tom and Ginger used to live in So Cal and spent a lot of time with Jimmy and his wife.
I’m pretty sure they know everyone cool from racing.

Thinking about a trade-in, Osito?

Oso Silly!

OSO LOCO!! osoooo!

Oso bored? you can find the rest of our ride reports HERE
make stupid your favorite!

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