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Hello again!

My apologies for the long time gap since my last update but this summer has been very very busy. First off, at the end of June my sister got married! She married a wonderful man that really treats her well and honestly, if he is still with her after 5 years, then he has my upmost respect… my sister is a P.I.T.A. to say the least. Family came from the other side of the world to visit and having 21 ppl in a single house was definitely an interesting experience. Good thing we are all family and can tolerate each other.. some more than others but let's not get picky!

The wedding itself was fantastic and the everything went perfectly as planned… surprising with my family. My side of the family did 98% of the planning and set up for the ceremony and the reception of the wedding. The 2% the other family had to take care of, we ended up absorbing that too so i guess we did all of it. But aside from the stress and exhaustion, it was a gorgeous wedding! Open bar was the best part...

I would post an image of the groom and bride but neither have responded to my text asking so it will have to wait… Sorry!

So after the wedding they left on their honeymoon and i was left with the family and requested a week of work off to enjoy them. The day before my first day of vacation, i get a new job. I'm super ecstatic about the new job, but bummed about not passing time with the family. I start the first monday (i was thursday) and that was that. Since i couldn't spend the time with the family, my cousin rented a motorcycle (Tiger Roadie) and i took my KLR. We did some 300 miles in a single day of simply windy roads and tried smoking a Ducati in the process… got close but the Ducati driver was a little less experienced than us but not enough to lose him. It was absolutely a blast! This weekend i will be editing the videos we took and posting them. I have a big test thursday so no time at the moment.

Family left, i kept working… Saw an opportunity to make a dream of mine come true. I have always wanted a Triumph Tiger 800 XC. I have been reading forums and pages for 2 years non-stop now and have fallen in love. Test rode it a few times and just couldn't settle for anything else. With the new job and promising future with them, I decided it was time to make this happen! I figured out my finances and convinced my parents i needed it. I would paying for it and everything else in full myself without help from them but as a family we have always made big decisions like these as a family, so their consent was kind of important to me. They indirectly said ok but that was enough for me The entire drive there and for the first hour there they still tried to convince me to think about it but i knew what i wanted. When everything in front of us, i asked if they approved yes or no... after long pause they gave me a ... let's just say the sales guy loved my reaction

So now, i have adopted a new baby! Her name is Daisy Duke!! Daisy for short.

I was so happy to finally have my dream bike that i was screaming in my helmet the entire way home! I was just dancing n singing in my head! The bike handled amazingly and just like excepted! I bring it in home, and show it off to neighbors and friends.

Keep in my mind i have been riding 6 years by myself and have never laid any bike down. Never gotten in an accident and have been riding long enough and am comfortable enough riding to scrape some metal off my KLR pegs and my boots from the amount of lean i ut in my turns. So i wouldn't say i am the most oexperienced, but after 40k accumulated miles, i'd say i'm decent.

Come sunday morning, i decided to ride to Monterey via Highway 1 (for those of you who don't know, it's a very common and one of the oldest roads in Califronia that goes all along the West Coast to Oregon and I think washington). There was no one of the roads... except that one moron. I start getting on the onramp to hit the freeway, knowing the right side is kinda slippery, i check behind me, and since i was in a single turning lane onto the onramp, i assumed i was clear. Checked the mirror, no one in sight... as i start to merge, check my blind spot, a car had cut through the Gore section of the lane and tried to pass me up on the on-ramp. I say this too late, tried to correct my turn. The bike slipped from under me due to new slippery tires and a slippery lane i was trying to avoid from the beginning... I realized i was going to bail and pushed with my legs the bike away from me to make sure i wasn't pinning my leg under it. The bike and i slid about 40-50 feet and finally came to a stop, luckily no cars immeditaely behind me. I jumped on my feet right way and checked my body. I was ok. Ran to kill the engine on my bike and tried to lift it. I think from the shock, i wasn't able to really get it up. Lucky for me, some guy stopped to help me get the bike up and move it to the side. I was asked by a dozen or so ppl if i was ok, and i was. Called my parents to come get me. Thought for a second my mom was going to die, i reassured her i was prefectly fine and had no pain anywhere and i was on my feet, she calmed down a little. They came, tried to do a police report, but since i couldn't get a plate and had no witnesses, it was useless. Dropped the bike off at home and went to the ER (yup priorities are in place )

Once at the ER, they took an Xray, did their poking around me all over to make sure i was ok. Turns out there might be a tiny change i fractured a bone in my wrist, but since i feel less and less pain i am starting to think that i am fine, i am going back next week though. Just to be sure it didn't worsen, they put a brace on me and told me to not take it off. Here's what i look like!

Other than that i have a little friction burn on my elbow from my jacket rubbing.

The bike still running but the front side, windshield, console, headlight, and most cosmetic things on the right side are beat up bad.
Poor Daisy...

Working with the insurance to get her all fixed.

I can't appreciate all the years i forced myself to wear my full gear and be lucky that today, it's just like wearing a seat belt... it's second nature. I can honestly said that without the pants, gloves, leather jacket, boots and helmet, i wouldn't definitely not be here. I wasn't going more than 30mph when i went down but it was enough to tear up my right side of my jacket and a little of my pants... It's a scary thought to imagine what would have happened had i not been geared up...

But all in all, even though i wasn't technically at fault, i am the one who went down... just because i assumed some idiot wouldn't cross illegally into my lane. My mistake was letting my guard down just because it was a Sunday with few people out on the roads. I guess this was just a wake up call after 6 years of nothing happening to me. Just keep in mind fellow riders... it is NEVER too hot to wear the gear.... i wouldn't be writing this had it not been for that gear.

So yeah! Hopefully Daisy will be up and running asap and i will take her for another, safer ride!

Till Next time!
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