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Originally Posted by Nevada View Post
How practical is that? Have many folks done it?
Pretty freakin' practical if you or somebody you know can simply locate the correct wire, cut the wire, strip the new wire ends, solder or crimp terminals onto the new wire ends, then connect the terminals to a simple inline on/off switch. Remember to put the heatshrink over the wires BEFORE putting the terminals on the wires.

Radio Shack even sells a nice inexpensive push-button switch that can mount right into a simple hole drilled in a dash plate or a switchgear. Autoparts stores typically even sell lighted switches that are similar. They can mount all over. Really, any flat surface with enough protected space behind it for the switch will probably work. I'd probably take my switchgear apart and check for anything behind, then drill and mount a simple push-button switch there. Then it would be easy to access in an emergency.

Power gets to an ABS system through a simple, conductive wire. It isn't like the moto mfrs are using fiber-optic cable or magical unicorn hair or anything else supernatural or complicated. Wiring in a simple switch is usually so easy that the only drawbacks I can see to buying most bikes with ABS is the extra cost and the extra weight, but prices and weight for ABS are coming down as the technology evolves. Switching ABS off almost always still retains regular braking ability, but you'd know, for sure, as soon as you applied the brakes with the ABS power-wire disconnected. 'No need to cut anything until you're sure. I'm pretty sure though, because a mfr would have a HUGE freakin' lawsuit if somebody's ABS fuse blew and caused them to lose normal braking ability.
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