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Originally Posted by Andyvh1959 View Post
To the comment "wire in a switch to turn it off", be careful how this is done. It "may" turn the system off. But it may also trigger an ABS fault mode. Then when back on the road, it would require resetting the system to clear the fault. Not as simple as just wiring in a switch on the ABS power lead.
It works like having the ABS fuse blow, then replacing the blown fuse, except you can isolate the circuit to JUST the ABS.

Mfrs sometimes like putting several functions on one circuit. My Honda Civic, for instance, had the CEL codes and the radio presets handled by the same circuit. Pull the fuse to reset the CEL and you lost your radio presets.

My GF's SX4 blew the fuse for the 12V receptacle. This also took out her rear wiper function. 'Replaced the fuse for the 12V receptacle and the rear wiper worked fine again too.

Putting a switch into the isolated ABS power-wire, rather than switching the whole circuit on the ABS fuse, would eliminate the chance of turning off power to some other function of the moto. A wiring schematic would possibly help with the install, but it's not really necessary if you have some clue on how to use a multi-meter to locate the correct wire. You may very well be able to switch the whole circuit on an ABS fuse without affecting anything else. A schematic could tell you this.
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