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he end of phase 1

Day 4 August 27 Matagami to Radisson

Today's ride is pretty straightforward. We leave the hotel. Gas up. Turn left. Turn right. RIde all day - Look at the top line of the GPS directions

The band is back together Dana and Bruce arrived just behind us yesterday.
Keith with Bruce and Dana's bikes

Breakfast room at the hotel

Breakfast porn

A couple on a Paris-Dakar getting ready to leave the hotel to ride north to see their son in Chisasibi

Another pair of adventure riders getting ready to head north

here we go

You have to stop here to register for the road and get a safety brief

It is a long way to the next gas stop. there is a story here which will come up shortly

Lots of scenery like this along the way

James Bay road - good riding and the frost heaves weren't too bad. about halfway they either went away or I stopped noticing.

Old forest fire damage

Along the way we take a rest (about 125 miles in)

Nice river to look at but also lots of mosquitos

Eventually we get to the Rupert River Bridge. The rapids are beautiful. The word is they are nothing compared to how they were 4 years ago before a hydro project changed the water flow.

Fow a while we interpreted this to mean you can't do anything but finally found one not so faded and it is no littering

Entrance to the North Road - we ride year on Sunday

We are now a long ways since we bought gas and fuel lights are coming on. Bruce wonders who will go empty first and I opine it will be me. Conversation centers on how may miles to empty. BMW changed the mileage estimate to empty on the F700/800 models to miles since the fuel light came on rather than miles to empty. I have never ridden more than 22 in that mode. We all decide we will ride till the bike stops just to get data points. I make it till 59 and the bike dies with the GPS saying 9 miles till the gas stop. Keith stays with me while I refiuel.

The bike fires right up and we start back on the road looking for Bruce and Dana. Before we find them we find this 3 miles from my stop

I was three miles from victory. A recent forest fire was evident here and for a bout 50 miles. It burned right up to the gas stop. in the second picture you can see where the fire line was built. you could still smell the burnt vegetation

Lunch room.

Nice rock formation woke up my old rock climber imagination

Entrance to the Trans-Taiga Road - tomorrow's destination

Then it started to RAIN. The last 44 miles to Radisson were not pleasant.

today's dinner

and the planning starts for next year's ride in Chile and Argentina

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