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Originally Posted by Pantah View Post
Don't be such a dolt. You don't need to lecture me about your notion of technology. I live in snow country and all my cars have ABS that get triggered occasionally. I know what ABS is. I like my throttle, clutch and brakes.I like manipulating them for the conditions at hand. That is what motorcycling is to me.
I'm not lecturing anybody. Just info. If you don't like it, I don't effin give a shit.

By the way. Like you, I like my throttle, cable clutch and normal brakes just fine too, been liking them since 72. Knowing how to ride a bike matters more than the technology on the bike. I too live in snow country, drive a 2-wheel drive pickup truck, no-ABS or traction control, manual tranny, and all season tires. Funny, I never bury it in the ditch like so many front wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles I see stuffed up to the doors in snow.
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