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Originally Posted by tapdiggy View Post
I don't have a modicum of experience on a bike equipped with ABS, and the informed posts subsequent to mine make good sense about not using ABS in the dirt. But on that same line, the post that mention hysterisis leads me to think tire choice may play a role yet. *possible logical fallacy* If the sensor data is looking for the wheel to resume speed, it should be possible for an aggressive tire, inflated appropriately for conditions and otherwise set up correctly, might "bite" into the surface of the dam mentioned and give the right feedback to have the ABS allow braking again, where a less aggressive street-biased tire might maintain a dearth of traction.

That all is not to say that it would be better, but might allow for maneuvering capability, which is the main reason for ABS, when combined with other control input (i.e., throttle, clutchwork, even body position).

I will not say ABS is useless or unnecessary on motorcycles, dual sports included. But they don't replace or compensate for deficits in other controls or rider proficiency. This last sentiment seems to be absent, or went unnoticed when I alluded to it in a previous post.
You are absolutely correct. Tires make a huge difference in how the ABS works. Aside from the tire hooking back up and reaching nominal velocity, the added traction will prevent it from slipping and kicking in the ABS in the first place! Plus, if you know how to ride off road, that helps too.

From the video, the rider started braking too late to allow the ABS to keep up. He likely was scared to grab it all the way in the beginning and didn't know how to cycle the lever to mitigate the ABS intrusion. Control your speed and know your bike's limits....
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