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On the Tiger 800XC the ABS is programmed to allow the rear wheel to lock up when moving under some designated speed. I've done it. It works. Very kewl.

This is the area where programming for operation in off-road conditions is the difference. The Tiger is programmed to operate correctly for this, some others are not.

I was initially concerned about this when considering the bike for purchase. Having read other reports, BMW mostly, about how they must stop and disable ABS made me think that doing this each time I turn down a dirt road sounded like a pain in the ass. Then, reading through one of the Tiger forums I learned about this "feature" of the Tiger ABS.

So, to the OP, if the ABS is designed to allow normal off-road operation that will prevent you running away off a downhill with a cliff at the end you are good to go. If the manufacturer just put the street program into their adventure bikes, then you might find yourself in a bit of a situation.

I absolutely love the Tiger's ABS and it is making me a better rider. Feeling the rear pulsing lets me know that I am over-braking that end. I have only felt the front pulse once when emergency braking for a deer, so this tells me that despite aggressive front brake use, I am still braking within tolerance. It is nice to have feedback.

Overall, this particular flavor of ABS is perfect for the Adventure application and other manufacturers should be doing it this way.

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