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After Fischells, we join secondary roads and the TCH for a time. The Trailway doesn't seem worth the risk at this point, and our progress has been slower than planned. At Stephenville Crossing, it appears that the rail bed was used as a logging road. There's less gravel, and the track is much wider. We make good progress to Gallants and George's Lake. There, the old Trailway re-emerges with a vengeance. The track is narrow along the lake, and the gravel is deep and loose. By the time we intersect a side road, Rich is exhausted. He chooses to take the road to the Trans-Canada, and meet us in Corner Brook.

Adam comments that he really needs to change out his front sprocket. He's been running a 17 tooth for the pavement, which makes the conditions a real challenge.

We find a moose skull by the side of the road. We agree that a man of Adam's off-road fortitude needs a real Newfoundland hood ornament.

The Trailway to Corner Brook again improves, and we rail through a very nice selection of twisties before emerging on a hill above the town. It's been raining now for some time, and we need some time to regroup and plan the evening.

With apologies to the residents of Corner Brook, it was not my favorite town by a significant margin. The centerpiece is a large paper mill, and the area has a gritty industrial feel, although the location is as scenic as any along the coast. This was once the largest paper mill in the world -- and a paper mill is one of the most expensive pieces of industrial equipment to construct. After over 100 years, Corner Brook's mill is still creating jobs and economic opportunity.

We stop at a Tim Horton's in the center of town. There appear to be drug deals going down right outside the door. A teen boy is riding his bicycle without any helmet or other gear, and gets hit by a pick-up coming out of the drive-through. He's OK, but badly shaken up. We decide to get out and find a camp site for the night. This isn't a good place to hang out.

A few miles from the center of town, there's a pleasant campground. Rich turns on the Swedish charm with the young lady at the gate. She's not supposed to let four of us on one site, but she bends the rules. We purchase an enormous sack of firewood and pitch the tents. We've survived our first day.
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