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Raced this past weekend. Lesson (re)learned: No matter what, I MUST Eat morning of the race.

Quick synopsis:
I pulled 2nd off the line. By the end of the first lap, I was spent. I completed, but sweet word did I ride terribly.

I honestly hated racing during that race. I was thinking about work while racing. Yes....Work. I was hating the fact that they had an EnduroCross section in the race. I was hating how terribly I was riding. Literally, I've never felt so damn slow in my life as I did during this race. Knowing I have speed, but being unable to "put the pen to paper" so to speak more or less infuriated me.

I was in my head, and that is no good.

While attempting to cruise along, I thought about how it must be a fitness thing, which is partially true. I could be better with my fitness. After venting to my wife afterwords, her and I concluded that my Intermittent Fasting eating schedule has been detrimental to my race performance. The absolute lack of ability to focus and the such quick loss in performance can't solely be my fitness.

So lesson learned. As much as I work on avoiding carbs, and as much as it mess up my "routine", in the morning of a race, I NEED to consume food for energy. Not that I'm opposed to eating food at all.

Dunno how I finished, but a couple pics another ADVRider took:

Just before the start:

Pulling a great start:

Endurocross Section:

Yes....It's an RMX...Long story...

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